Thursday, April 25, 2013


And the debate rages on...

Says One: I love holding a book in my hands. The feel of it. The weight of it. The smell of it. The dog ears and the flippable pages. The option that I can tear out the pages I hate and make paper planes with them. The hours I spend wandering around a library, caressing leather bound spines and embossed letters. The sheer majesty of a floor to ceiling book shelf, it's like my personal stairway to heaven.

Says Two: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop kidding yourself. Holding ancient papyrus scrolls and cuneiform tablets isn't going to get you any closer to Aristotle, or God, for that matter. And think about the waste, man. The trees desecrated, the jungles destroyed, the eco-system you even know how ink is manufactured? Print books are bulky, have become more expensive and soon won't be so easily available with all these bookstores (your portals to nirvana) shutting down helter-skelter. I'm not even going to think about your stupid paper plane fetish.

Says Me: It's the content that matters, y'all, not the book's publishing format. Good prose will remain good prose whether its  carved in stone or gigabytes or ink. 

What say you?

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