Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Writing is a secluded occupation. An imbalanced profession where the writer must put his needs first or not yield any profit. Personally, I need peace and quiet, my own uninterrupted space to write constructively. When I'm in the throes of a new story, I resent any invasion on my world. I defend my world. Hoard it. Protect it. Shelter it. Alas, world invasions are not exclusive to fantasy novels or blockbuster movies, they are a fact of life. 
So, how does one defend one's world without murdering, cursing, insulting, annihilating all alien (and familial) threat? 
How do I not do the groceries so my kids can have wholesome meals? Or ignore phone calls from friends? Stop Facebooking? Not entertain guests who've come to visit from 3000 miles away? 
And yet, if I don't do all of that. If I don't cull out my own time and space and reject the outside world, I will never get any writing done. 
It is a difficult conundrum that I deal with on a day to day basis and sometimes wonder how the authors that have gone before me (some having written 200 plus novels and still going) did it? How did they juggle their two worlds? How did they find that balance that makes everyone happy? Or is balance an illusion? How does one stop a cosmic explosion?

Anyone have any ideas?

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