Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hello Darlings, missed me? Aw. How sweet. I missed you too. Now, here are some more a-shoe-rances that Man cannot be Man without his Sole and that's not just mine opinion but Shakespeare's as well.

Where is thy leather apron and thy rule?
What dost thou with thy best apparel on?
You, sir, what trade are you?
Second Commoner
Truly, sir, in respect of a fine workman, I am but,
as you would say, a cobbler.
But what trade art thou? answer me directly.
Second Commoner
A trade, sir, that, I hope, I may use with a safe
conscience; which is, indeed, sir, a mender of bad soles.
What trade, thou knave? thou naughty knave, what trade?
Second Commoner
Nay, I beseech you, sir, be not out with me: yet,
if you be out, sir, I can mend you.
What meanest thou by that? mend me, thou saucy fellow!
Second Commoner
Why, sir, cobble you.
Thou art a cobbler, art thou?
Second Commoner
Truly, sir, all that I live by is with the awl: I meddle with no tradesman's matters, nor women's matters, but with awl. I am, indeed, sir, a surgeon to old shoes; when they are in great danger, I recover them. As proper men as ever trod upon neat's leather have gone upon my handiwork.

Who are we to argue with the Bard, hm?
And to continue my Shoe Story...

Footwear became increasingly important, complex and industrious after the 1600s. Women no longer wanted to wear shoes the same shape as men (thank heavens.) Heels became popular along with design and comfort. Men's shoes had always been steadfast and sober - yech, personally but to each his own. But women's shoes became elaborate extensions of their feet, their soles (pun, pun, pun!) and in Cinderella's case, the means to her soulmate.

There you have it, the Importance of a Good Pair of Shoes (that shoeld be a title of a movie, na?) A small observation? There are no saucier, finer, neater pair of shoes than Lady Gaga Heels in the world today.

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