Sunday, November 3, 2013


They say if you come across the same thing twice, its like a fact!

Last month, I came across Dr. Kurzweil and his nanobot organs that aspire to replace old and dilapidated natural human organs by the year (or so he hopes) 2045.

Well, pooh pooh to Kurzweil and us mortals. The Immortal Jellyfish akaTurritopsis Nutricula has no need to wait for another three decades to live forever, neither does it need organ transplant. 

What? Why? How, you ask? Well, the Immortal Jellyfish (don't know why I love repeating that word. Immortal. Immmmortal. Immmmortttallll!) has an evolved circular life cycle as opposed to the human linear one. Wonder if that means that the Immortal Jellyfish is a Hindu?

Fascinating, isn't it? And if by some mischance, technology and evolution fails us, I know what I'm coming back as in my next birth.

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