Tuesday, September 15, 2015

OUTLANDERED in Edinburgh

In the Footsteps of 

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

Let me tell you right off that Scotland was everything Outlander promised it to be: charming, historical, majestic and quiet. I saw endless glens and lochs, ancient mountains, kirks and castles, fairy pools and Culloden.

I started in Edinburgh, stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel. It's a great location for a first-timer in Scotland, bang in the middle of the Royal Mile, equidistant from Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House Palace. I lucked out as Queen Elizabeth left for London the day I reached Edinburgh. No one is allowed to visit Holyrood when she's in residence. My reaction to seeing where the queen passes a few weeks/ months in a year: She sits on chairs that are 300 hundred freaking years old? The poor queen!

In addition to the regular touristy things I did in the Scottish capital, I also traced my book boyfriend James Fraser's movements around it. I'm quite certain that I found the close his printing press was on, and Madame Jeanne's establishment. Of course, no one can miss World's End pub, or the 3-4 watering wells strewn about the Royal Mile, the kirk, the graveyard etc from Voyager.

My impressions of Edinburgh, even apart from the excitement of outlandish trails, was the flavor of the city. Food was fantastic and plenty and varied, and so were the sights. The city is almost like a roller coaster, its closes and wynds going up and down, mostly steeply. A detailed Edinburgh post will be forthcoming...if I'm in the mood.

As this one is about Outlander, we went on to three of the Starz series filming location castles - Doune, Blackness and Linlithgow - all within driving distance of Edinburgh. You could do them in a day and come back by nightfall. 

I didn't. I went onward into the highlands from there.

I leave you now with some sights from Edinburgh and its environs. Next post will be about the Scottish sun. Yup. The sun does show itself there...every day.

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