Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hey Everyone! Today is the official release day for Soul Warrior, book 1 in my Age of Kali series. The day has been a frenzy of blog posts and blitzed tweets, and so much sharing and caring by so many of my readers and author friends, that I feel humbled...and blessed...and just HAPPY.

The Making of Soul Warrior wasn't an easy road. It took me three and a half years to get here. In manuscript timeline, I wrote Bootie and the Beast after SW and yet it came out before. Partly because I was unsure of it in the beginning. The story kept growing on me...becoming grander and larger in scope. And partly because I was stubborn about how I wanted to tell my grand story.

So, I rejected a very fine offer for it...for the whole a very fine publisher because they wanted me to tell the story differently. Would my road to publication have been smoother had I taken the offer? Absolutely. Would I have been as happy as I am today with the changes they'd wanted me to make? Absolutely not.

The thing is I love to tell stories. And I want to tell them in my way. Right or wrong. Mainstream or niche. I have many stories to tell, and I know I will find many readers to read them.

I've decided to fight fate, and not succumb to destiny. 


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