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Dear Readers, I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a movie so much that it inspired a blog post. Wait...(Hee!) Disclaimer: I did love Kapoor and Sons and Piku and Bajirao Mastani and several other Bollywood watchables of 2015/16, but Karan Johar's apres 5-year directorial comeback deserves some advocacy. 
(Also, I'm working on New Book, which means my body clock is wired to wake up at the nightly ghostly-writing-hour and I need to get this movie off my chest before I get to my own stomach-knot-inspiring NEW STORY.)


No Aarti and not a single resounding temple bell.
Unlike all previous K-Jo Specials, ADHM showcases zero poignant families and their associated drama. That, in itself, was refreshing.

Bollywood Bhankas.
The characters are as obsessed with Bollywood as I am. I totally identified with Ayan (Ranbir) and Alizeh (Anushka) appropriating filmy dialogues as part of their daily repertoire.

(K-Jo has some good friends, I'll say that!)
My only peeve is that SRK shows up minus his smexy beard. That was tragic but understandable because every male character in ADHM has a beard for the most part. And SRK is hatke.

Whip-smart and poetic too
 The "vatavaran" of Lisa (Haydon) and the "Sufi-ness" of Saba (Aishwarya) and Ali (Fawad) add flavors to the narrative. (Also, too many Alis in this movie but that's neither here nor there and could be a saner reason for the controversy.)

The use of private jets as a conversation starter.
There's also Vienna. I approve of both locations.

Silent discos and Ballroom venues. 
Say what? SHHHH! Put your headphones to your ears and shake that booty.

Girl power!
The shape of Anushka's head (unreal!) and Ash's ass (cough) command our attention as much as their performances. The female characters in ADHM know what they want from life and aren't afraid to...slap, kick and throw the hero out on his ass when he's just not getting with the program.

Ranbir's a hit. With women, for sure. His needy, funny, caring, hating, intense and angry (wait! How's this different from Rockstar?) Ayan grows a pair on screen time and...ooh, the red eyes will get you. Plus, this song...

Love Back...wards only (That's not a pun)
Boy meets girl. Likes her. Girl likes him back...but loves another boy...who likes other girls... 
Boy meets another girl...but...
It's game-time for Love vs Friendship in Kuch Kuch ...oops ADHM. 

The Multi-Way Reality of Life
K-Jo didn't tie a neat little bow at the end of the movie. He leaves the story open to the viewers' interpretation, in my opinion.
Happy end? Happy-ish? Awful end. Tragic, ineffectual, confusing, irritating...thought-provoking...disappointing...realistic? 
Or, none of the above.

I recommend you watch Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and then answer that question.

 Interview with Ranbir and Anushka.

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