Tuesday, February 19, 2019


It's Pub Day! Finally! World, meet 


Paris, Naira and Neal, meet World

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Wry, daring and utterly absorbing, The Object of Your Affections is an unforgettable story about two women challenging the norms... and the magic that happens when we choose to forge our own path.
Two best friends rewrite the rules of friendship, love and family... and change everything they thought they knew about motherhood.
Paris Kahn Fraser has it all—a successful career as an assistant district attorney, a beautiful home in New York City, and a handsome, passionate husband who chose her over having a family of his own. Neal’s dream of fatherhood might have been the only shadow in their otherwise happy life... until Paris’s best friend comes to town.
Naira Dalmia never thought she’d be a widow before thirty. Left reeling in the aftermath of her husband’s death, all she wants is to start over. She trades Mumbai for New York, and rigid family expectations for the open acceptance of her best friend. After all, there isn’t anything she and Paris wouldn’t do for each other.
But when Paris asks Naira to be their surrogate, they’ll learn if their friendship has what it takes to defy society, their families and even their own biology as these two best friends embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.

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