Wednesday, September 13, 2017

99¢ Book Bonanza!

Soul Warrior: The Age of Kali is on sale for 99¢ in the US and UK this week, along with a smorgasbord of books from 75 authors in a host of eclectic genres. 
Sounds amazing, right? Click on the graphic above and you'll be taken to the Book Bonanza Homepage where you'll be able to browse dozens of books to your heart's content. (Note: many of the books will be on sale in multiple ebook platforms, but not Soul Warrior, which is only available on the Kindle.)  There's something else...
In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, I will donate my monies from this sale to the American Red Cross relief fund. I can't do much, but that I can do. So click HERE to go to the 99¢ Book Bonanza Home Page now!
Thanks and xoxo