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My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari

My Last Love Story

by Falguni Kothari

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Writing Non-fiction by Sudesna Ghosh

Reliving my teens and becoming an author too!

By Sudesna Ghosh

Writing a book had always been on my list of dreams (and later, my goals). So when I got in touch with Harlequin India in 2014, I was ecstatic. Here was a global publishing house that was looking forward to getting a manuscript from me. Once the idea was discussed and the, manuscript was progressing full swing, I realised something - I was writing a nonfiction book! Growing up, I'd made my own story books and thought fiction was storytelling and hence, the only book to write. But now two nonfiction books later, I'm convinced that it's a challenge in itself to get facts and data out there in a creative way. 

So my first book, What Would I Tell Her @ 13 is all about parenting the new Indian teen daughter. Times have changed. Expectations from both parents and kids have changed. And society is evolving. Since I have a psychology major from University of Rochester and am addicted to human behaviour and emotions, I got the opportunity to relive my own teen years as I did my research. I even laughed remembering the tantrums I'd throw. My poor parents! 

It was also a great opportunity to interact with successful women from many fields like journalism, fashion and dance. We talked about their teens and about parenting daughters. I'm glad these ladies gave me time because a parenting bible with first person anecdotes and advice is way more interesting than a parenting book without those. 

Writing the book was a learning experience. Writing anything always is. And the rejections over the years are forgotten as you hold your first book in your hands.

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Monday, April 18, 2016


Book Blitz

With You I Dance
Aarti V Raman


Meera Sagar had everything—the perfect job as a principal ballerina (for a prestigious New York ballet company) and a man who loved her as much as she loved him. But tragedy struck on the night
before her biggest performance, forcing her to do the one thing she never wanted to do—come back home. To Mumbai.

Now, a year later, Meera is still trying to pick up the pieces, while fending off marriage proposals from her well-meaning but traditional Gujarati family, and figure life out all over again. By starting a ballet school in Mumbai. But she has two problems. One, she doesn’t know anything about running a business. And two, she can’t dance. Not anymore.

Enter . . .
Abeer Goswami. Hotshot junior partner at a South Bombay law firm and a man nursing a broken heart. When he meets Meera again, the woman who left him, he tries his hardest to be her friend, to help her . . . and not let the past get in the way.

And then . . .
There is the sexy Zoya Sehgal. Meera’s only friend in the city and the woman Abeer is currently seeing. They say triangles have pointy edges, for a reason. Will Meera find a new dream in her ballet school? Can Abeer and Meera find their way back to each other again? And, most important, has Meera danced for the last time?

With you I dance is a warm, funny, at times heart-rending, love story of second chances, true love, and finding yourself when your dearest dream has vanished.

Grab your copy on 

About the Author

Aarti V Raman is an established novelist in the romantic thriller genre (White Knight, Kingdom Come) with her third book, a contemporary romance titled “With You I Dance” out soon with Fingerprint Publishing.

29 years old, she graduated from Mumbai University in 2007 with a degree in Mass Media focused on Journalism, which provided her the perfect background for conducting sound research on any project. She then went on to study Creative and Professional Writing at Deakin University in Melbourne for post-graduation in 2008. It was there that she learned to hone her craft and lifelong ambition of writing romances that had strong characters and stronger stories that remained etched in the reader's minds.

While waiting for her big break, Aarti pursued commercial writing and gained a vast amount of knowledge (from fishing tackle to soft toys) that she claims have helped her with molding better stories. Her first novel "White Knight" was published by Leadstart in 2012 and gave her the impetus to continue writing. In 2013, her work was excerpted in the Tamil Edition of Mills and Boon novels. And in 2014, her short story "Post-Coital Cigarette" was chosen to be part of the Rupa Romance Anthology "An Atlas of Love" curated by bestselling author Anuja Chauhan.

Her latest novel "Kingdom Come" (Harlequin MIRA) has enjoyed a brief stay at the bestseller lists in Amazon India. Her work is represented by Red Ink Literary Agency, Delhi. And very recently, she was a speaker and panellist at the Goa Arts and Literary Fest 2014, Vth Edition.

She is currently expanding her skill set to include copy editing, content marketing, and creative writing workshop that help her explore the wonderful world of words in various forms.

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My Last Love Story 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Surpanakha by Hariharan Iyer - Character Sketch

About the Book:

Educated, young, no-nonsense bearing, able administrator—these are the qualities that won Sesha the loyalties of the people after three years of rule as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. An allegation that he was the mastermind behind the murder of 73 Kannadigas threatens to bring him down but he is miraculously saved in the 11th hour.

Even before he can relish his victory, Sesha is slapped with the charge of sexually offending a young nurse. This time round, the case is strong and his supporters are uncertain. Worse, his teenage daughter calls him 'vile' and walks out of the house. While Mythili, his wife promises her full support, her secretive activities—undertaken with the help of a retired cop—is a cause of concern for Sesha.
Will Zarina, the human-rights activist, succeed in bringing him down? What about the insinuations of a celebrity lawyer that he is casteist and antiminorities? When the young nurse is found dead, the case becomes even more complex. Who is innocent? Who is guilty? And who is the mastermind?

Character Sketch:


A 1972 IPS cadre officer. A person of upright character. Impeccable track record in Tamil Nadu police for 38 years. Precisely the reasons for which Madras High Court appoints him as a special investigator to go into the role of Sesha in the massacre of 73 Kannadigas.
Sadagopan looks more like a mathematics professor than an ace cop. Though the world has moved towards progressive lenses, he still uses a pair of bifocal spectacles, which adds respectability to his personality. Post-retirement indulgence in tasty food has left him with a small paunch, which looks more pronounced because of his lean structure, and earns him the taunts of his wife. To pacify her, he has been climbing the stairs to his third-floor apartment everyday.
Sadagopan knows Mythili from her childhood. He was her neighbour in Srirangam. Her father and he were buddies from school days. And this—that he is a family friend of Mythili— was enough for Zarina’s lawyer, the one who was prosecuting Sesha, to trash Sadagopan’s findings.
Has he let down Mythili? Has his acquaintance with Mythili’s family turned out to be his undoing? He curses himself for accepting this assignment. All his achievements would be forgotten and only this would be remembered.
He is a trained cop. He can’t afford to feel diffident. He can’t accept defeat till has put in his best. The judgement is just a few days ahead. A chance viewing of an innocuous documentary aired by a TV channel to mark the 2nd anniversary of the killing of Kannadigas offers him an interesting lead. In the next couple of action packed two days, he comes up with incontrovertible proof.
That is Sadagopan. He fights till the last. And he succeeds.
But then when Sesha faces sexual harassment charge, see what he has to say to Mythili when she seeks his help in proving Sesha’s innocence: ‘Sexual harassment cases are not pursued to the end. The trial does not happen in courtrooms, especially when the accused is a celebrity; it happens in the studios of TV channels. We don’t ever come to know whether the charge was real or false. The alleged perpetrator lives with a constant blemish on his character. They’ve learnt to live with this. Perhaps Sesha also has to…’
Is he giving up before even trying?

Buy Links:
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Links for ordering paperbacks: Amazon India | Flipkart

About the Author:

Hariharan Iyer is a finance professional based in Dar es Salaam. Not content with just a rewarding corporate job, he took to writing a couple of years back. He blogged on media and current affairs for a year at before hitting on the idea for this novel. An idea so powerful that it convinced the accountant in him that he could put together not just a balance sheet but an intriguing political thriller as well. He has definite views on politics, NGOs and media ethics and has tried to package them in the form of an interesting novel.

Hariharan lives with his wife in Dar es Salaam while his two sons are pursuing their ambitions in India.

Contact Hariharan:

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