Friday, April 29, 2016

Writing Non-fiction by Sudesna Ghosh

Reliving my teens and becoming an author too!

By Sudesna Ghosh

Writing a book had always been on my list of dreams (and later, my goals). So when I got in touch with Harlequin India in 2014, I was ecstatic. Here was a global publishing house that was looking forward to getting a manuscript from me. Once the idea was discussed and the, manuscript was progressing full swing, I realised something - I was writing a nonfiction book! Growing up, I'd made my own story books and thought fiction was storytelling and hence, the only book to write. But now two nonfiction books later, I'm convinced that it's a challenge in itself to get facts and data out there in a creative way. 

So my first book, What Would I Tell Her @ 13 is all about parenting the new Indian teen daughter. Times have changed. Expectations from both parents and kids have changed. And society is evolving. Since I have a psychology major from University of Rochester and am addicted to human behaviour and emotions, I got the opportunity to relive my own teen years as I did my research. I even laughed remembering the tantrums I'd throw. My poor parents! 

It was also a great opportunity to interact with successful women from many fields like journalism, fashion and dance. We talked about their teens and about parenting daughters. I'm glad these ladies gave me time because a parenting bible with first person anecdotes and advice is way more interesting than a parenting book without those. 

Writing the book was a learning experience. Writing anything always is. And the rejections over the years are forgotten as you hold your first book in your hands.

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