Saturday, December 1, 2012


December 21st is the end...

...Or not necessarily The End, as in...oh, you know what I mean. 

As an evolved species, we homo sapien sapiens (as in WE, OURSELVES and US) seem obsessed by our impending Armageddon followed immediately by Doomsday; be it at a personal level: Death, or a universal level: Total and complete annihilation of all life. 
In a way, our curiosity with nonexistence is only natural. We have a brain, a mostly functional one at that (there are exceptions to this rule, I know, but lets go with the average consensus for now) and thus musings and ponderings are the brain's natural inclinations. We exist. We know we exist and thus are curious as to why we exist. Such questions confound our averagely functional brain and because we cannot find any satisfactory answers to calm it, the next natural question we ask ourselves is: When will we stop existing? And here, our very average homo sapien sapien self sits up and gasps. STOP EXISTING? Why, what an awful awful prediction! What a hideously unwelcome thought! 
Stop existing? Who? Me with my completely average brilliance? Unthinkable!
I think its the thought of not existing on a personal level that alarms us more than any mass Apocalypse, Armageddon, Doomsday scenarios. Telling homo sapien sapiens that after said imagined AAD's that maybe a wee percentage of us might survive and that life might go on even if in a highly altered state (life did go on after the dinosaurs walked like the Egyptians) will not pacify the majority of us. We will then want to be, need to be included in that wee cluster of survivors and if we can't, well then, our brains  will and can be programmed to believe that there's always Heaven with its open Pearly double-gates and promise of immortality. 
What I want to know is this: Is it so bad, the thought of not existing in the future? Whether the end is near or far, complete or just different, is it so awful to have lived this one life to its fullest and no other?

Views, comments and music welcome, people. :) And in case, you need a bit of a lift after that fatalistic read...

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