Sunday, December 9, 2012


10 Things I Love About December so far:

1. The crisp, evergreen morning air that greets me the first time I step outside the house.
2. Reading in front of a fireplace that goes on and off with the press of a button.
3. Being home alone watching The Holiday for the 500th time.
4. The busy, busy, busy-ness of the last month of the year that has me rushing to cram as many seconds into it as possible because with the snap of a finger the year will be lost forever.
5. The sudden need to stop and smell the holly wreath because a new beginning approaches fast.
6. The joy, the giving spirit, the festive smiles that permeate a winter wonderland.
7. The jingling of bells outside a store by a graciously charming Salvation Army Santa.
8. A NYC cop on a magnificent black stallion stopping to allow a bunch of kids to pet the horse.
9. Piping hot swiss cheese fondue that burns your tongue and melts your frozen bones.
10. Carols, the Nativity and the History Channel showing the history of carols and the Nativity.

That's my favorite carol, what's yours?

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