Saturday, February 9, 2013


My love affair with winter began in 2001 when I moved to NY and like all love affairs I love it and hate it. Not in equal parts though. I've come to realize there's more I love about winter than hate and here are some reasons why...

Yes, glaringly obvious is the fact that none of my kids are the "enjoy the great outdoors" type. So, no snow angels, no snowman or woman, not even a snow dog. My dog is actually petrified of the snow! And even though none of us deserve hot chocolate and marshmallows, I believe we'll enjoy some today.

How's your winter going?


  1. My daughter and I made 'snow horses' one year in Iowa from all the snow the plows left on the curb. We even found branches and broomsticks and had jousting matches.

  2. Snow horses and jousts do sound fun. :)