Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Write Club: members only.

Writing is a lot like boxing. 

The day you decide to become a WRITER is the day the gloves come off. You, my friend, have now opened yourself up to all manner of criticism and advice. Yes, praise too, but that doesn't come as easily as judgment.

A WRITER must train hard. Build core strength and muscle and endurance. Learn to think on his feet. Take a the gut, the heart, the face. But more importantly, deflect the punches that could knock him off his feet. Most of all, the WRITER must develop abs and skin of steel.

Then, comes the time to throw the hat into the ring and expose your soul to the world. 

Scared but hopeful, a WRITER enters the boxing ring (aka the PUBLISHING WORLD) and faces his OPPONENTs (insert : EDITORS, REVIEWERS, CRITIQUES) sometimes with sometimes without gloves on (insert: w or w/o an AGENT in his corner.)

The WRITER must apply the lessons learned skillfully, sometimes all in the same match. Plot, hook, structure, goal, motivation, conflict...pow pow pow.

Then pray his skills are solid and fate is on his side. Or else face THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH (insert: REJECTION.)

And when TKO comes to pass, the WRITER, like Mohammed Ali, must struggle back to his laptop, bloodied and bruised but stronger than ever, and have another go at the championship...or die typing!

Do you have what it takes to be a member of 


(all images, GIFs and YouTube videos borrowed from the Internet.)

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