Sunday, November 4, 2012

HERO: Mendez, the real deal.

November is Hero month, I suppose.

Yesterday, I saw Argo, a thriller starred and directed by Ben Affleck. Good movie, a bit slow in the beginning but when the end credits ran no one wanted to budge from their seats until the screen went blank. 
So it seems that Real Heroes are as impressive as fictional ones, even if they don't look as dashing. 
Antonio "Tony" Mendez is a retired ex-filtration officer of the CIA and Argo is his story. He went into Khomeini's Tehran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis and successfully pulled out six diplomats who were hiding inside the Canadian Embassy (Ambassador's home) in a fantastic, as in only believable in movies, covert op.
That took courage of the sheer balls variety and dedication to duty few people possess. But, I suppose that's what makes Tony a hero.

                                   Ben Affleck as Mendez.
More heroes and movies to come...

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