Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Who makes a better husband: One who doesn't care what your butt looks like or one who does? 

A long time ago, my husband and I went to dinner with this couple we're good friends with. I was pregnant with my first child and so was the other woman. I ate enough for two people while the other did not. As if that wasn't enough, her husband stopped her from eating dessert stating that the Triple Chocolate Fudge Whatever was bad for her and the baby and he couldn't have her putting on any more weight than absolutely necessary. On the one hand, it was commendable that he stated health reasons along with his preference for small round butts. On the other, why would you say that to your pregnant wife? Or not allow her to indulge the one time in her life she can do so without feeling guilty?
My husband doesn't care one way or another. If I'm in the mood to be thin, he's fine with it. If I'm not, that's fine too. Now, while I vacillate between exercise and sloth, medium and large (never small), the other woman has always remained thin and healthy (at least physically). I sometimes wish my husband would pick one size of butt so I won't have to.
So who makes the better husband? One who likes any kind of butt or one who likes a specific butt? 

(This post is inspired by a fellow author's blogpost. Read Mohanalakshmi's take on chocolate here.)


  1. Hmmm, neither is better. The idea is to have what you need, in a husband. Mine has never discouraged me from eating, especially when pregnant or chocolate is involved. I had a lot of trouble keeping a healthy weight when I was pregnant, especially the second time around.

    I also know my husband likes a little meat on the bones. Not chunky, but something to cuddle. So rest assured, your man has the woman he wants.

  2. Thank you :) Its one of those dichotomies of life.