Friday, November 29, 2013

MOVIE MANIA - Hollywood style.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE watching movies? Almost as much as I LOVE reading books. And writing them :) Movies, after all, are just another medium of storytelling.
I can honestly watch any and all movies...well most of them. I mean the flick has to really, really bad for me to go OMG! What a waste of my time! That should clue you in to my story-lovin' crazy-ass. 
So, here's what moved me this month. Note, that all three movies I mention are book to movie adaptations. (Coincidence? Hm.)

THOR: The Dark World.

What is it about bad boys or gods or actors? (Not bad bad but baaad, you know?)
I mean...Thor is like a Good God! I mean literally a good god of Asgard and I literally exclaimed "Good God!" at every move he made on screen...especially when he was all puppy-eyed and missing-my-girl shirtless (Adorable and sexy and...never mind.) 
Cause he's not what held me in thrall of the movie. Good God aside, I was all about my fangirl crush on Loki, the anti-god. (Huh? bad god?) Whatever. I mean who cares whether Thor had to save Earth and Jane and Asgard and the Universe...I certainly didn't. IMO, Loki can have it all and get more screen time. Seriously, it doesn't get any more Marvel-ous than looking at Loki move.

Good God. Bad God. I don't care. God, I want me some of Tom Hiddleston now!

Catching Fire: 

Is it weird that my daughter and I love the same books? (A cool case of the apple not falling far from the tree.) Last September, two months before the Hunger Games came out, she made me read the book. I loved it so much that I finished it in 2 days and in another 4 days, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. 
Honestly, Hunger Games the book impressed me far more than the movie, although I loved the movie too. But Catching Fire the movie, for whatever reason - the success of Hunger Games, the movie; the series' popularity, the movie budget increasing and spiffy new CGI added, the new director, screenwriter, the new cast additions (Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair was purrrfect in a way that defies perfection. He caught my attention in Snow White and the Huntsman) - whatever the reason, Catching Fire the movie was wayyyy better than the book. IMO.
JLaw will 4ever be the bow wielding Katniss...Peeta and his sweet Peeta-ness...Gale, oh Gale will always be the hero for me...they were purrrfect in a way that defies perfection. 

Read it, if you haven't. Watch it, you must. 

The Book Thief:

I haven't seen this movie yet. I want to. Desperately. And I hope to next week (crossing fingers). I love this book so much that I honored it with its own blogpost. Again, it was my daughter bringing it to my attention and while I am super excited to see it come to big-screen life, I am so scared the movie might not do the book justice. Especially, after watching the trailer where it's implied that the script has already deviated from the book by changing its narrator. But the reviews have been good (whew), the trailer looks powerful and there's Geoffery Rush - how wrong can the producers have gone? 
I'm feeling hopeful. Now, to watch it and cease the anxiety.

Which movie did you see last?

(all pics and trailers found through Google search)

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