Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I have been pacing the house this morning. It happens sometimes...alright, it happens only when I haven't written anything worthwhile in a while. I was on vacation and was editing/proofreading Bootie and the Beast, getting it ready for release and stuff. Those are legit excuses for NOT WRITING. And I was catching up on my reading. Sadly, that has only inflamed my desire to write a bloody good book that I would love to read. I'm not going to mention the books that have irked me so...this post isn't about dissing. It's about conflict.
Ha! The axis of a/any story. Conflict with a capital C. Conflict is what spices up a plot. What drives the characters forward, backward or sideways. What makes the story spin until it dazzles you...the reader...and you feel as if you're watching The Christmas Spectacular from Row A of Radio City Music Hall.
My personal conflict today is that I have 2 plots bursting like firecrackers in my head. 2 very different plots for 2 very different stories. 
Plot 1 will have me continue my work-in-progress about a trio of soul mates and some self-denial.
Plot 2 is a brand new idea of a soul seeking redemption, finding it and then rejecting it.
My conflict? Which one do I work on first. And whichever one I do pick, will the other suffer from my neglect. Argh. This is why multiple personalities should be the norm and not the exception.
Any and all advice appreciated, Peeps.
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