Tuesday, April 22, 2014



It's a universally accepted truth (finally) that India is not just a version of Slumdog Millionaire. Parts of India are slum-doggish...I cannot lie...but then there are these other ostentatious and opulent parts that make it a land of such diversity and magnificence that it sometimes leaves me speechless. Bereft of speech and words, I thought I'd show you my tiny passage through a tiny bit of India this past week. 

Honestly, would you complain if you were woken up by a pair (in this case it was a mmf threesome) of coo-hooing peacocks early in the morning?

Neither did I.

Didn't complain about the window-shopping either...

Or the wedding I attended that gave me swollen feet and skin streaked with zari-itch and mehendi. Ooh! I feel I must mention that modern India has a solution to the uncomfortable pleat problem in saris...

I present to you the Pleat-less Sari!

There can be no wedding without mehendi...or a groom's horse, can there?

Then there are the days and days and days of celebrations...

You can't blame me for having fun...

Did I mention the brand new airport in Mumbai which takes opulence to another level?

Tempted yet, to see the city of my birth?

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