Saturday, October 11, 2014


I went to my first ever Comic Con this weekend and I have to say, Guys, I am impressed.

There were over a 150,000 people!

Was I intimidated? A little. Okay. A lot!

There was a Just Dance game stage and, guys, I'm hooked. I went there every few hours and chilled.

There were screenings and panels. But I'm gonna leave that for another post.

I explored Comic Con Land: booths, cosplay and...what? A stall for Elvish Ears? Me want! Me WANT!

I tried to get a Tardis iPhone 6 phone cover but apparently they were sold out!

And yup, I once again find my achy feet in need of chillin' and I'm back to the Dance Stage! 

It's not Disney World...but its magic! 
What do you think?

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