Monday, March 21, 2016

Kapoor and Sons (Since 1921)

Top 10 Reasons to watch KJo's 

Kapoor and Sons (Since 1921)

  • The trailer promises awesomeness which the movie delivers.
  • You won't stop guffawing for about 85% of the movie, so the 15% which makes you weep is forgivable.
  • Themes of Kapoor and Sons: family bonds; fidelity; nepotism; old age; brotherly bonds; petty jealousies; love; life and liberty to be who you are. It's a lot in one movie but very well done. It'll want to make you go hug your family.
  • Have I mentioned the ROFLMAO humor? 
  • The star cast: 
  • Fawad Khan. Yes, he deserves a separate mention. His character is flawlessly written.
  • 2 of the characters are writers and have an awesome scene where they discuss HEAs. (Happily Ever Afters) My raison d'etre, Peeps.
  • The song Kar gayi Chull (see below)
  • Boobly's pecs. (No. No spoilers about that. So, no pic.)
  • AND, if for nothing else, you must watch Rishi Kapoor as our own desi Bilbo Baggins. 

In other words, Kapoor and Sons is precious...