Sunday, September 25, 2016


In mythology, Objects of Power hold a lot of...well, POWER! 
-They can be used to spearhead a quest of discovery. 
-They can be used to bring about change.
-They can be used for magic.
-Or, as a weapon of annihilation, both temporary and permanent.

From gemstones to Excalibur to Aladdin's Lamp to Pandora's Box to the Soul Catcher in Soul Warrior, Objects of Power or Talismans have added pizzazz to the story being told. They serve as both decorative embellishment in the hands of the hero or heroine as well as a marker to drive the narrative forward. 

Objects of Power usually have their own backstories...just like a living, breathing character, which is what makes them so fascinating.

Some of the Objects of Power used in Soul Warrior:

-The Soul Catcher: a blood-orange gemstone from prehistoric times that has the power to absorb souls when opened.

-The Asi: a blade gifted to Karna by his sire, Lord Surya. It has the power to be summoned by its owner/ wielder.

-Kalika's ashes: Ashes/ bone dust of one of the ancient avatars of Goddess Kali that, when consumed, can give the consumer the powers of a million demons.

-Amrita: the elixir of healing.

-Silver shackles and key: these bind the shackled soul to the one holding the key.

-Black metallic goo: the Stone Demon's secret weapon whose powers are yet-to-be determined.

-Blood: the most common Object of Power as it holds your ancestry hostage as well as your descendents.

And last but not least,

-Baby: the Soul Warrior's computer which has been modified (with magic) to perform "unearthly" tasks.

And that's it (I think) for Soul Warrior's Objects of Power. (Let me know if I've missed any.) And, be sure to stay tuned for more daring and dashing and darling talismans in BOOK 2!

What are some of your favorite Objects of Power in mythology or in fiction?

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