Monday, December 31, 2012


Yikes! And It's 2013.

I want to write that I spent the last week of 2012 in a fabulously exotic beachy location, immersed to my chin in warm frothy bubbles and a Strawberry Daiquiri in my hand. In the strong, muscled arms of my...ahem never mind. You get my point. I want to write that. I do. I will write that at some point in my life just not today.

What I spent the last week of 2012 doing was something a bit more intrinsic. Getting over a really nasty case of the Common Cold. 
Plus, I was in a sort of drugged frenzy sending out my son's college applications. Or, not really. I was only supervising the frenzy from my bed. I hope my son was feeling some frenzy. (You can never tell with teenagers.) Well, by the time 31st December sprang up, the applications had gone (all but 1) and my DEFCON 5 level cold is now in the category of the SNIFFLES. 
Question is: Do I/we want to go out and bring in the New Year tonight? Or, since the house is gorgeous and empty of children for the first time in 17 years do we stay in and...bring 2013 in with the appropriate fireworks? 
Hm. Tough decision.

On another note...
My Top 3 New Year's Resolutions:
1. One good deed to do a day.
2. One page to write a day.
3. No more freaking colds this year.

Have you sorted out yours? 


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