Saturday, December 22, 2012

Music and Mackerel: Innovation at its weirdest.

The One Pound Fish Man.

Known as the next PSY, Mohammed Shahid Nazir is a fish monger in London turned YouTube sensation with his unique hit, One Pound Fish. (A million hits in 24 hours.)
He wrote the lyrics, or the advertising gambit, to attract customers to his fish shop and it hit the right notes! Now, apart from his thriving fish mongering, he is also fast becoming a celebrity. Customers line up in his shop not only to buy a pound of fish but also to take pictures with Nazir. He seems amused by his fame, but more he is amazed at his good fortune. And, he is the true entrepreneur of the digital age, capitalizing on the fact that music permeates all dimensions of life.
I, for one, am on my feet and applauding Nazir, who proves that One Pound Fish more than meets the eye.

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