Saturday, June 15, 2013


From Dante Alighieri to Dan Brown to must-visit holiday destination, Italy, in particular Florence, seems to be a universal favorite. 
Florence is visceral, beautiful, a crystal ball view into the past. It leaves one struck dumb with awe every second of their visit. Travel there during the blazing summer months and you will  understand why Dante and Dan...a million other travelers through time...are inspired, tortured and haunted by it. Florence is an Inferno of a city, inside and out.

Dan Brown's Inferno is a quick read; part riveting, part nonsensical. Not as gripping as the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, Inferno is more of a tribute to the renaissance and what it spawned. Certainly a tribute to Dante and his works. The book is a race through Florence, Venice and Istanbul, an exciting treasure hunt cum travel guide. 
Robert Langdon is at his worst and yet is in hot pursuit of Man's future, which seems to be on the brink of extinction (what else?). He's aided by a genius/introverted/too good to be true female, and thwarted by a couple of powerful organizations (really?). Thankfully neither the Opus Dei nor the Vatican featured in this time. No albinos appeared either just some super genius crazy  dead dude, the Black Death and a mechanical drone.
Could Dan have done a better job with the prose? Undoubtedly.
Was the premise of Inferno too farfetched? Maybe not. 
Man's future is definitely something Man should consider most profoundly.

Here are some pics of my trek through the scorching locales mentioned in the book:

Next, we follow Langdon and the female genius as they ride the canals of Venice...

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