Monday, June 17, 2013


ITALY is known for its food and fashion, its festivals, modern-classic furniture, its sense of fun along with its historicity and affiliation to religion. It has also been a grand patron of arts through the centuries. A country of Popes, master craftsmen and masterpieces. A country filled with unique cities offering unique flavors of entertainment, everything that our spoilt, new age eclectic palates crave. Is it any wonder that artists and the purveyors of the arts, past and present, have found their muse in boot-shaped Italy.
And what could be more inspiring than a floating city? 
VENICE. The sinking city. The city where Casanova flirted and doges ruled. Where a rich lord rode his faithful horse up seven flights of spiraling stairs every night to stable the horse in a private penthouse. Where a jealous husband drowned his faithful wife and her phantom lover in a well like some Venetian Othello only to be haunted by the pair for the rest of his short life.
Speaking of wells...artesian wells bored along the periphery of Venice's lagoon, that once provided water to its industries, is the reason why Venice is sinking- rather was sinking. The wells have been banned since the 1960's and apparently the sinking has lessened if not stopped. So jump up and boogie that Venice won't become another Atlantis. 
For those of you who haven't yet had the personal pleasure, here are some pics for inspiration. For those of you who live/have visited Venice, check them out anyway...

What's your favorite holiday destination?

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