Monday, July 1, 2013


The most exotic sensory experience humans crave after they've satisfied their palates with air, water and lust. The sheer number of cuisines, cuisine artists and dining places mushrooming all over the globe are testament to our gluttonaceous ways. Not that I consider gluttony a true sin anyway. Though the lengths we go to satisfy our incessantly watering mouths smacks of the sin of stupidity sometimes. Here's a list of the most ridiculous places to go munching that I've heard of in my life:
1. Hospital themed restaurants.
Yeah, I so want to drink a margarita through an IV staring at someone performing open-heart on his tilapia.
2. Bathroom themed restaurants.
Eat. Flush. Drink. Flush. Eat more. Flush. Flush. Flush. My only thought: this must be eco-friendly.
3. Hellen Keller themed restaurants.
Not only are the foodies blind-folded but are served in total darkness by blind waiters. I guess they believe that dulling one sense will enhance another. Senseless, I call it.
4. Live platter restaurants.
A beautiful naked model as my personal platter? I wonder if I'm allowed to use my fork and steak knife on her? Hm. Now I sound like Hannibal.
5. Dinner in the sky.
And that's not as pedestrian as being strapped inside an air balloon with a picnic basket. I'll let the picture below convey the thousands words about to erupt out of me.
Taking vertigo to new heights, aren't they?
I wouldn't try any of these munching places no matter how good the food being served or how piss drunk I am. Would you?

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