Saturday, July 6, 2013



James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser will be incarnated in the gorgeous, tall, necessarily Scottish person of SAM HEUGHAN in the TV rendition of OUTLANDER on Starz

THIS is what a million plus Jamie groupies (myself included) have been waiting for since their first reading of Diana Gabaldon's cross-genre masterpiece. Titled, CROSS STITCH in the UK.
To see this hero amongst heroes come to life in a living breathing man is going to be a transcendental experience for me. I am embarrassed to admit that I'm quite a bit star struck already. (Move over SRK, Pitt, Butler and RK...I'm cyber stalking a new star from today!)

As pictures bring a million words to mind, I'm going to leave nothing to your imaginations. Here he is...

SAM HEUGHAN, the man who forever more shall be known only as Jamie Fraser

Etes-vous prĂȘt, my Outlandish Companions?

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