Thursday, November 1, 2012

HERO: Let me start with Jamie Fraser.

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

The name spreads goosebumps all over my soul and beyond every time I utter it, read it, write it...and use it for any number of precipitous events. (Don't ask!) Who is he, you ask? Gasp! You do not know yet of JAMMF? (Yes, he also exists as an acronym.) 
Jamie is the hero (god) of this marvelous fiction series, The Outlander novels by author, Diana Gabaldon, who henceforth shall be known as Herself.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (gooseflesh breaks out) aka Mac Dubh (Son of the Black One) aka Red Jamie: 

Born May 1st, 1721. Well over 6' 4" and sturdy of build, a Scottish Highlander who boasts a flaming red-gold mane that flows in waves to his mid-back. His startling dark blue eyes slant cat-like and he bears the flat cheekbones of a Viking (ahem god!). But even more impressive than being a god amongst men is his soul-melting ability to love. He loves people to such a degree that he would die for them. He proves that over and over in every wrenching scene of the seven 800-page novels (eighth being written as I write).

With Jamie, Herself has written a character that every man should aspire to be: strong, loyal, ruthless, gentle, cunning, sweet, practical and romantic. Yes, he is fictional. He is unreal but so what? Inspiration to emulate greatness can come from anywhere, even from fiction. 

To those who haven't yet read (or even heard of) The Outlander series...drop every single thing you are doing, run out and buy the books or download posthaste on your e-readers. Do not baulk at their size. Take a deep breath and take the plunge into a world where princes whine and the hero turns green from seasickness. You will enjoy the ride it takes you on. If you need more convincing of the visual variety then this is Sam Heughan, recently cast as JAMIE FRASER for the OUTLANDER mini series coming in 2014 on STARZ!

Now if that can't convince you to run out and inhale the books in time for the series release, I don't know what can.

This, readers, is my very first post on my very own blog. But I'm no Blog Virgin. I lost that status on my Goodreads blog a while ago. Still, I am feeling my way through this wild new labyrinth so please be patient. 

More Heroes coming soon...

OMG! This is addictive...

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