Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Quiller Score of the Week.

Music: the spice in my emotions. 
As with the edible spices that enhance or destroy the flavor in my food, music can enhance or destroy my mood. It stimulates my senses as surely as color on the walls. 
Depressed? I listen to music. The right kind will lift me up and get me to waltz. Insomnia reddening my eyes? I've found Mozart has the same effect on me as Tylenol PM. 
The Write Mood Music:
This week its Diamonds. I don't know whether its the lyrics or the beats or a combination of both, but I'm completely inspired by it. Am writing a new plot fast, though I'm meant to be editing the old stuff. 
I am wondering if music affects everyone this way? It should. I hope it does. So go listen to some music and fall in love. Listen to Diamonds and you'll be waltzing in no time.

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