Thursday, November 8, 2012

HERO: The Electric Man

Oh! Heart thou art fickle! 

Not 20 minutes ago I was ready to kick, bite, stab, emasculate, set fire to Con Ed as a whole. No discrimination! The entire shebang of its employees needed to be roasted alive and stuffed in mass grave, ASAP. And now, 20 minutes later, after a whole cavalcade of trucks (fancy yellow ones with orange hazard lights rotating wildly on top of their roofs) arrived on my street, all I seem to be doing is watching them from my window like a love-struck Juliet. Oh, I did go out and offer them hot beverages which they very politely refused. So darn sweet of them. (No, don't gag. Not if you don't know what 11 days without proper power feels like.)

My heroes, my loves have promised me power by tonight! God and Con Ed have worked out their differences. They are Letting There Be Light. Right on time, on the eve of Diwali: The Festival of Lights and that's a whole other post.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay festive.

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