Friday, December 20, 2013


East is East and West is West and what's the reason that twain doesn't meet eye to eye?


In absolutes...

If you're an Easterner you are part of the Cosmic Whole. Your life is a journey towards eternal realities. Your Universe is cyclical in nature, constantly recurring. Your world lives inside you in your soul and you seek to liberate your worldly "Me"  from the true "Me."

In contrast, if you're a Westerner you are a part of the Divine. Your life is a service to others: God, people and work. You have but this one life and must live it to the fullest. Your "worth" depends on external factors. Your salvation depends on God, your success depends on your business or your boss.

I believe that nothing is absolute and East and West draws ever closer to become One.

One of the best authors, mythologists and TED talkers: Devdutt Pattnaik. Its a 20 minute talk but well worth the time. IMHO.

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