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On Author’s Circle today, 

we have a fellow Harlequin Mills and Boon author and a screenwriter, Adite Banerjie, to talk about writing, life and her book, The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Dealwhich releases in N. America this week.

Dancing with the enemy...

Krish Dev needs to find a bride—and quick! With a marriage arranged by his father looming, Krish finds the key to his freedom in Maya Shome, but is this dazzling beauty really all she seems...?

Maya has only one thing in mind: revenge. But when the host of the most exclusive high society party asks her to dance what is meant to be an innocent tango leads to an engagement to Krish—her enemy’s son!

Arranging their own marriage could work to their advantage…if they can resist mixing business with pleasure! 

Hi Adite, welcome to my blog.
AB: Hi Falguni, thanks for having me! J

Always a pleasure. So, what’s The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal about?
AB: Maya Shome, a young landscape designer, wants revenge against the man who destroyed her family. In her quest for revenge she meets and falls in love with her enemy’s son, Krish Dev. Can she reconcile her love for Krish with her desire for  revenge? 

Do you have any strange writing habits?
AB: I actually do have some pretty weird habits, including getting up at 4 am to work on my WIP like a maniac. And then there are times when I will go for weeks without writing a word. But perhaps the craziest is when I hit upon the perfect solution to an intractable story point in my dream and I forget it as soon as I wake up!

That's not so strange. What does your day look like?
AB: Chaotic. I multi-task like crazy, juggling between freelance research/writing assignments, my current WIP which could be a novel or script, household chores and keeping my very demanding but adorable 12 year old dog entertained.

A regular Wonder Woman, you are :) 

Which author/s have inspired you the most?
AB: I love reading all genres (except horror) and I have been inspired by the works of Amitava Ghosh, William Dalrymple and JK Rowling.

OMG! I love Dalrymple too. Esp his Mogul books.

What’s your favorite book and why?
AB: Sea of Poppies by Amitava Ghosh. I love how Ghosh transports you into an amazing world and brings it alive with characters and situations that are so utterly fascinating.

If your book becomes a movie whom would you want to play the hero and the heroine?
AB: Ooh…I love this question… my current favourites (yes, they keep changing from time to time!) are Shahid Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra.

Nice choices of Bollywood Booty ;)

How did you come to become a writer? In other words, tell us YOUR STORY.
AB: I have been a writer ever since I graduated from college. After a long career in journalism and freelance writing, I happened to do a workshop in screenwriting. And, I was hooked. I’ve always wanted to write movies and learning the craft helped me develop my storytelling skills. So, from scripts to books wasn’t quite a huge leap.

What is your least favorite part about the writing/publishing profession?
AB: The marketing part – especially when it involves public speaking of any sort!

I feel you there!

What is your best marketing tip?
AB: I believe your work is your best advertisement. But as a new author, you need to make sure that readers of your genre are aware about your book. Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads have helped me connect with readers.

Why write romance?
AB: Because I love reading them!

Is there a certain scene you find difficult to write? Eg: Racy or action etc.?
AB: Every book/script has its own challenges.  In ‘Trouble has a new name’ I got stuck in chapter eight and I’d to rewrite it several times before I was happy with what I’d written. The challenge could be character motivation or the way I’d imagined a scene that just wasn’t working on the page or something totally different.

Is your writing character-driven or plot-driven?
AB: With scripts, I’m plot-driven but with my books I’m more character-driven.

Which is the best character you’ve written? Is he or she your favorite? Why?
AB: That’s a tough one… I love all my Heroes and Heroines. No favouritism, please! ;)

Naturally, in part you are all your characters (or vice versa) but which of your characters is the most like you? Or resonates in you the most? Why?
AB: I don’t subscribe to the theory that you are your character. I try to create characters who are empathetic and yet flawed, but are not necessarily like me.

What can we expect from you next? 
AB: My next book is called ‘Trouble has a new name’ and has the feel and tone of a romantic comedy. The book will be released by Harlequin India in July 2014.

To end lets try a Rapid Fire round. Your answer should be the first word/s that pops into your head when you think of:
LIFE: 24/7
PASSION: Red-hot
LOVE: Eternal          
HATE: Downer

Thank you once again, Adite, for being here and talking to us. It was fun!
I had a great time answering your questions. Good luck with your writing. J

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