Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Here's the schedule, Dear Readers. 

Drop in on those wonderful blogs. 
Leave comments. 
Overwhelm me with love and praise. 
You never know, you might just win a prize at the end of the tour.

1st July Laura Greenwood Book Review
2nd July Book Reviews Book Review
3rd July Rae Quigley Guest Post
4th July Namrata Interview
5th July Nikita Book Review
5th July Vishal Interview
7th July Anubha Agrawal Guest Post
7th July Chantel Rondeau Interview
7th July LinzĂ© Brandon Book Review
8th July Sherry Fundin Guest Post
8th July Elizabeth McKenna Interview
9th July Jenn S Book Review
9th July Dee Interview
10th July Divya Prata Book Review
10th July Parinitha Urs Book Review
11th July Mindy Wall Book Review
11th July Heena Ahuja Book Review
12th July Dr. Sanchit Bhandari Guest Post
12th July Shree Janani and Dhivya Balaji Book Review
12th July Penny Estelle Guest Post
14th July Rachelle Ayala Interview
14th July Annamaria Guest Post
14th July Maria Durst Book Review
15th July Paula Book Review
15th July Atmika Book Review

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